Busted! Don’t Believe These Wedding Video Myths


A wedding is one of the happiest milestones in your life. This is the occasion where you declare your love for your partner in front of all your friends and family. So, apart from capturing these big moments through the camera, recording them lively with video helps to create lasting memories. Though the photograph helps to freeze the moments, the Wedding Video can shoot every event with audio and expression. Unfortunately, despite the film being the perfect present, it is not always taking the top priority in marriage plans. When you are aware of the below myths, then you can begin to consider the video as the first choice in your wedding plan. 

Photography Will Be Enough For Wedding 

Though the photography helps in remembering the wedding day moments, the video will joy your memory. Also, it ignites more emotions than a photo and brings you the reason to cherish the special day forever. Just imagine after a decade, you get the chance to again watch the parents laugh, happy dears during your speech, and more moments. Also, from the vows, and toast, to the first dance, the photographer can’t shoot everything. So, it is worth considering the film to cover your entire celebration. 

Wedding Video Is Cheesy With Dramatic Fades 

Completely wrong! This is an old myth that the Wedding Video Melbourne are cheesy with cornier guest interviews like the TV show. But most professional videographers take their quality seriously and spend enough time on what’s essential to the couple on their big day. Thus, a classy wedding film that’s both emotional and saves your memories is what you end up with.  

You Can Hire The Videographer Even At The Last Minute 

It is not always possible to hire a videographer. It is not something that you can plan at the last minute of the marriage. You need to go through and research well before deciding on the right professional. Ensure to check if they have a reputation, more years of experience, and offer an affordable package. Take a look at their albums and check if they suggest to you the video ideas that help to create lasting memories. 

The Longer The Wedding Video The Better 

Wrong again! It sounds yawn, and the long videos might put you to sleep. The longer video doesn’t always mean it is better. This also leads to the chances of the film getting bored and frustrated before watching fully. The expert videographer can warp the significant moments like a first kiss, parent dances, the best speech, and everything into pretty little 5-25 minutes clips. Furthermore, it is the perfect amount of time to keep your attention while still being enjoyable. So, instead of getting a film that runs for around 2 hours, so best to go with the small shorts. 

Last Few Lines 

Don’t forget that your wedding video is a unique and essential keepsake. So, don’t ignore them while planning for your big day. At Lensure, we have well-versed videographers who are certified and have more years of experience. We offer you the perfect filming and edition of your dream day. Our experts will capture all the emotions of laughter, tears, and beautiful memories well. For more details Contact Us now.