15 Wedding Photography Mistakes That Can Cost Your Business


The wedding ceremony is something special and so those golden moments should be documented! To capture those special moments precisely, it is important for people to hire professional photographers. In midst of many expenditures during the marriage ceremony, people will look for the photographer who gives the best for their money. They will get recommendations from other’s experiences and browse on the web to find the best photographer. So, to increase the client, as a photographer you need to avoid 15 mistakes in your business. To know what are unintentional mistakes made by photographers, do scroll and read.

Good Communication

From the time when the customer visits your office, you must develop good communication with them. As a photographer, you must communicate well with the new clients based on earlier projects. Such talk will build confidence in customers to hire you.


Never be late to the marriage location. Try to be there at the earliest and take a few candid’s of the bride and groom. Also, by reaching early, you can fix the locations for clicks. If you are late, then you may miss the best moments prior to the ceremony.

One-Man Army

The wedding ceremony is something big and so a single photographer cannot reach every place. Working in a group will be a good choice as everyone can work in a different direction.

Not Having A Contract

It’s important to have a contract with you and the customers. By reading the agreements, clients can understand the number of photos includes at different price package and so on.

No Pre-plan On Pose

If you aren’t having a pre-plan on poses, then at the last rush minutes you will be clicking photos regardless of good or bad. Also, you will end up in unnecessary poses and leading to the client’s disappointment.

High Cost

People avoid hiring professionals at high costs. So, keep your pricing package at the best rather than charging at higher rates.

Avoiding The Firsts

At a marriage ceremony missing out the first kiss, first dance and other first romantic moments between bride and groom will result in dissatisfaction of customers. So, don’t miss such shots.

Not Listening To Clients Requirement

It’s good to ask the clients if they have any list of poses to be documented. Working on our own, regardless of asking customers will result in a misunderstanding in the end.

No Backup Equipment

Sometimes the battery in the camera may be low or may not work! In such scenarios, if you don’t possess an alternate camera then you know what will happen! So, have backup equipment in your bag.

Out Of Trend

Stay updated to changing trends! If you aren’t updating yourself, then sooner you will be out of the race. To increase customers it is important to be in trend.

Lack Of Trust

Photography works on the trust between customer and photographer. If it is broken, then it will not only ruin the current project but also future work you could have earned.

No Contact With Wedding Coordinator

Get in touch with the coordinator and ask about the ceremony updates. It will make them understand that you are really interested in working with them.

Relying Only On Camera

Photography is not just about the superior camera. So, do not rely only on the camera but rather introduce innovative ideas to your stills.

Spending Too Much Time On Edit

Editing is a tedious task and so rather than working sleeplessly on edit manually, use tools to complete the work at the earliest.

Completing Works On Time

Last but not least to complete the work on time and give the album to the clients within the prescribed time. If you delay it, then it may affect your payment and also the future projects you could have gotten.

Closing Lines

The above-mentioned are the 15 reasons that as a photographer you must avoid to earn clients.