What Are The Best Indoor Office Plant To Grow With Minimal Caring?


The majority spend their maximum time in a year or week at the office. Workers spend about an average of 43.8 hours in the office per week. The time you utilize in the office is relatively large, thus you need to enhance the space. Adding an Indoor Office Plant is a good option as it can fill up any area. Be it a desk or shelves, green nature beauties do their best! However, a few need regular maintenance, making them non-feasible to grow in the busy office surroundings. Instead, you can grow attractive low caring indoor plants in the workstation to keep the space attractive and yourself healthy. Given below are the best office plants to grow in your workspace.

Snake Plant

If you want to add aesthetic value to the working table then the snake plant is an absolute choice. It doesn’t require frequent watering or maintenance for a lush look. Space requirement is minimal and you need to water only once in three or four weeks. The flora is good to filter air even at the night and for absorbing toxin elements. It also enhances the energy of the space according to Feng Shui. Before watering this plant ensure it is in a dry state to avoid root rot condition.

Chinese Evergreen indoor office plant

Sometimes the workstation may present in the area away from solar insolation. Growing low-tolerant plants will not yield a positive result. Growing Chinese evergreen florae in such spaces is an absolute choice. These plants like humidity and can withstand dry air and drought conditions. Don’t overwater this Planter Melbourne as it will result in easy rotting of roots. Placing the plant in your workspace will minimalize the pollution and adds aesthetic value.

Aloe Vera

If your table is right near to the windows then Aloe will match your space. The double-duty succulent can grow in indirect sunlight. Water the plants with a gap of two to three weeks for healthier growth. It not only promises beauty value to the space but also provides many health benefits. When the leaves of these succulent plants mature, you can take out the gel from them to treat sores and burns. Dental plaque can also reduce by rinsing with aloe vera gel. So, adding this plant not only keep your workstation engaging but also gains you health benefits.

Nerve Plant (Fittonia)

The nerve plant is also one of the finest options to grow in limited spaces. They are tolerant of low lights and require watering only when the soil completely dries. Misting is necessary to keep the humidity level of the plant high. This is undoubtedly the best plant to beautify the workstation and for cleansing the air quality.

Ending Lines

The above-given are the few best indoor office plant that can grow with low maintenance. We at Foliage Indoor Plants Hire offer interior plant design services to all types of companies. Our professionals offer the best installation service to turn your space into the best. We also promise to provide high-standard indoor plants at a reasonable cost. For more details Contact Us now.