Various Kinds Of Bulka Bags Melbourne You Can Choose From

Bulka Bags Melbourne

Are you searching for an instrument for shipping bulk products? Then you can’t find a better and more affordable option than the great Bulka Bags Melbourne. They are also known as the FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), which are used to transport the dry massive products such as sand, ash, flour, and more. These bags save more workers’ energy as they can easily lift by using the machines. Therefore, it ensures the employee’s safety due to features like reduced antistatic shock, lightweight, and others. Most industries including agriculture, animal nutrition, construction, chemical industries, food processing, and others use bulk bags. These bags ensure safe transportation without any products leaking out or blowing away. Continue reading to know the major varieties of the bulk bags you should know.

Single And Double Loop Bulk Bag 

The single and double loop bulk bags offer a special solution for storage material handling. It is one of the significant cost-effective processes with good practice to weight ratio. They have a design that enables easier weight loading, reducing the need for forklifts. These kinds of bags are typically used in the chemical industry. The major use of the single and double loop bags is to carry the fertilizers and pack diverse kinds of seeds, pellets, and cement.

X Corner Bulk Bags 

The x corner bags are made in a way to have a large capacity which also comes with the high-quality. Therefore, it is a perfect choice that helps to transport and store the materials. The cross corner loops are sewn to the bag’s side that maintains the x shape and let the forklifts transport the goods from one place to another. The sand, gravel, and other heavy and large materials can be shipped by using this bulk bag. It is the ideal pick to transport all kinds of dry goods, used for agriculture, skin bins, and transport nursery products.

The List Of Uses From The Different Bulka Bags Melbourne Suppliers

Tunnel Bulk Bags 

Tunnel bulk bags are non-constricting saddlebags that are used for dog agility. They are strong and durable and are resistant to UV damage. One person can use the bag by forklift and use it for keeping or transporting dry goods and other purposes. Further, builders can use this bag for construction purposes, this is apt for multipurpose use, and also it can be used for skip bins. They have wide footprints and tall designs attached to the dog tunnel for the highest support.

Q-Baffled Bulk Bags 

The Q-baffled bags are also known as form-stabilized bags. They are the best choice for the place where you have only limited space. These bags help to keep the goods in shape and prevent them from bulging out. Sea containers, trucks, and other few places are the perfect choices to use them. The edges are filled with holes to allow the smooth flow of the goods, which helps to prevent bulking.

Ventilated Bulka Bags Melbourne

The ventilated bulk bags offer air aeration inside, which is ideal for the agriculture sector. These bags are made of ventilated woven fabric that allows the air to flow freely in and out of the bag. The netting on the sides permits the airflow permeability, and it can easily transport the materials up to 50kg.

Conductive Bulk Bags 

Are you looking for a bag to protect the material from ESD damage? Then you can choose the conductive bulk bags that can prevent the goods from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). Materials that are conductive, dissipative, shielding, and other electrical items have the problem of being affected by ESD. But using the conductive bulk bags helps to prevent and transport them safely. These bags have features including very tight, can be heat sealed, and others.

Last Few Lines 

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Summary – Among a range of Bulka Bags Melbourne, you need to do some research for finding the right one as per your need.

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