Top 6 Labeling and Packaging Artwork Trends for 2022


The label design plays a major role in the sales of your products. It helps to bring the first impression on people for your products. So, your label must be unique and fascinating. Then it will pull the people’s attention and grab them towards your products. When it creates curiosity in them, the customers will immediately purchase the items. Though it will be a bottle or food label design, it will be in a way that impresses the people. Here are some top trending labeling artworks that you can try for your business.

1.  Localised Illustration 

When it comes to the packaging, then illustration is a vital element. It helps to generate the design visual concept effectively. So, it boosts the product presentation that drags the people towards it. Trying the localized illustration always has a major impact on catching the customer’s attention. The picture can be based on a specific region’s history, tribal arts, or any other.

2. Faux 3D Deco 

The wonderful faux 3D graphic illustration can bring a modern and sophisticated edge to your product packaging. Playing with the illusion and depth never fails to grab people’s attraction. It will show them that you are advanced in the technology, and that makes them trust it is worth paying for your product.

3. Color Mists 

The plain white packaging with the sprayed color mist will directly hit the customer’s mind. It has a calming effect that stands out from the crowd. This design is very fascinating and mysterious. So, you can try the color mist package for your products.

4. Old World Charm Packaging 

Generally, people always want to go back to their past and love the things that they used in childhood. So, integrating old charm aesthetics into packaging is an effective way to catch the customer’s attention.

5. Bright Gradients 

Selling the products with a bright gradient can impress both consumers and designers. The gradients develop a design that looks beautiful, and natural by integrating shades that result in a unique look. Apart from providing extensive depth, they look great in digital format. You can try vivid and stimulating color combinations to highlight the packaging.

6. Loud And Modern Fonts 

When the product package has the best design along with the impressive and easy-to-find font, they can buy them quickly. The loud and contemporary design aid you to stand out from the competitors and grab the consumer’s attention. If your design is good, but not the font looks bold and unique, it will stay longer on the same shelf.

Final Words

With the above labeling artwork trends, you would get an idea of changing your packaging design. Getting updated and going with a trend is a better way to lead the competitors.