Things To Consider Before Getting Commercial Solar System

Solar panels on factory roof

Compared to residential areas commercial buildings requires an abundant amount of energy. It’s because from as simple as light to all the machines, which need the electricity for its continuous running. It made people go for alternative choices whereas everyone found comfort in Commercial Solar SystemWith this, you can directly get the energies from the sun so it’s safe also said to be an environmentally friendly service. Not only that, it can last for a long time just with a little maintenance. Now getting interested in having this, right? Still, you couldn’t install this immediately, there are things you need to know before having it at your place, and here are them.

Selecting The Right Technology

It’s the first thing you need to consider while having a solar system. Actually, there are two types in this technology, one is solar thermal and the other is photovoltaic. As in the first one, it converts radiation into thermal energy. It can commonly use for hot water systems. On the other hand, photovoltaic directly generate electricity from the sunlight. It has sub-divisions like polycrystalline and monocrystalline. The first one is manufactured by a simple process so it’ll cost less. The second one has high efficiency compared to polycrystalline. In this choose the one according to your need.

Measure The Energy Of Your Commercial Solar System

This is certainly one of the important things to do. Because by doing this you can get to know how much energy you need for your use. Calculating them by yourself is not easy as you think so call the professionals. They will measure and inform the count of panels you need and the approximate amount of power you get from that. While doing this also make sure to check the local financial incentives. After knowing the benefits of this system to encourage people government is giving subsidies for the installation. If it’s possible in your case it’ll definitely benefit you.

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Deciding The position

If you fix the panel in the right position, it’ll increase the amount of electricity the system generates from the sun. You can do that according to the place you are living in. If you are in the southern hemisphere you’ll face the sun from the north. Here your panel also has to face that side. On the other hand as for northern hemisphere people, one has to fix it on the south side. Not only that you can also decide the direction according to the time you need the power. For example, if your place requires more energy in the morning you can prefer the east-facing direction.

Choose The Right Installer

This is certainly the most crucial thing to do. If you install this in a poor way you couldn’t get any benefit you gain from this. So choose someone who is trustworthy and reliable. Even if you are new to this technology the one you select must properly guide and give the best result. Select such one.

Final Lines

Now you can understand some of the things you need to keep in mind before installing a Commercial Solar SystemIf you want to have this at your place go to Cygnus Energy we are the best installer for this system. We’ll provide all the relevant information and the best support to our customers. We are also the CEC-approved retailer so you can certainly trust our service.