The Difference Between Permanent Staffing and Temporary Staffing


The labor market in the present scenario is continuing to expand in complexity. There are several types of employees and staff found in a typical business firm. Most of the companies may have five to six types of staffing working for them at the same time. The assortment of staff can assist you to understand the standard of the firm or company. An employee or a staff is the one who is hired by the higher authority to perform work. It is often chosen with the criteria of the company by looking at the eligibility of the person. The classification of employees is of many and the most common is the permanent and temporary staffing. Read on the below article to know about the difference between them.

Permanent Staffing

An employer whose individual works earns the payment directly from the company or form they are working. They usually don’t have a set end date for their work. Permanent staff can often work on a part-time or a full-time basis. Also, they receive beneficial packages from their employers. It may differ as per the position of the work or the basis of work they are doing. The duration of the employment for permanent staff doesn’t have a pre-determined end of date or time. But the hiring process may take a longer time than that of other employers.

Temporary Staffing

These are the types of employers who were hired for a temporary purpose. They often have a set of time duration according to the work they are going to perform. It might be for a project or startups and they need to stop working for the company when the project is completed successfully. The hiring of temporary staff can be direct or through the agencies as well.

Common Differences

  • Permanent staffs have the advantage of taking paid time off for personal reasons whereas temporary staff doesn’t benefit from this advantage.
  • Duration of the employment is varied as a permanent staff doesn’t have a set of time period whereas temporary has a specific end of the date for the works.
  • The hiring process is often easier for temporary staff. But there are several processes of selecting permanent staffs from interviews to group discussions and further other processing.
  • Permanent employers have greater advantage packages including insurances, retirement plans. Temporary employers need to work for the agencies. But they can take time off for some personal reasons as well.
  • Permanent staffs paid off for hourly rate. They get paid based on how many hours they are working. But the temporary staffs get salary on a monthly basis.

Final Words

The above-listed are some f the common difference between permanent staffing and temporary staffing. Hope the article helped you in gaining knowledge about this information.