5 Stylish Modern Mangalsutra Designs for Modern Bride


Indian culture and rich tradition never fail to impress other country people’s! Celebration of unique festivals and occasions in this subcontinent is well-known worldwide. One such custom that is followed by newly married Indian women is to wear a mangalsutra. The term mangal denotes auspicious while sutra means thread. In short, it is a holistic thread knotted by newlywed’s wife to ward off bad dreams and negative vibes around them. However, if women have been married for years, then their mangalsutra would be there in a locker rather than on their necks. In the current scenario, along with a touch of traditional style, you can mix a bit of modern avatar to mangalsutra. To know the modern 5 mangalsutra design, scroll and read till the end. 

Solitaire Mangalsutra

Solitaire Mangalsutra is the most popular and favorite design of many! The design look similar to a traditional thread, however, the only difference you can find is that it comes out with solitaire. The solitaire comes out in different shapes like round, pearl, oval, and so on. If you are an ardent fan of Deepika Padukone, you must have noticed this mangalsutra on her neckline. 

Diamond Mangalsutra

The design of this mangalsutra is also similar to that of gold and black bead holistic thread. However, the only difference as the name suggested is that the pendant is in diamond shape giving it a contemporary touch. Like solitaire mangalsutra, this type of chain suits both traditional and western dress. 

Minimal Mangalsutra

Unlike traditional divine thread, minimal mangalsutra has only a few black beads next to the pendant. This simple yet elegant mangalsutra is a dream one for many new brides. This chain with a few gold and black beads goes well with traditional and western styles. Minimal mangalsutra is an apt one for day-to-day use. This exquisite jewel piece is used by Priyanka Chopra. 

Double-Stringed Mangalsutra

Double-stringed mangalsutra looks simple in look but earns every appreciation. As the name suggests this double string of black and gold beads till the end. This type of mangalsutra goes well in traditional costumes rather than in western outfits. 

Customized Mangalsutra

If you have an idea of adding a customized symbol to the mangalsutra, then no rules are to be followed. The mangalsutra can be personalized with the symbols and design of choice. Some prefer adding their zodiac sign while others use different forms of designs. As the jewelry piece is being customed according to personal choice, it may match traditional and western costumes. 

Closing Lines

The above-mentioned are the best 5 mangalsutra design for a modern bride. Choose the ideal one from the list and keep yourself modern along with following traditional values. Hope the content helps you to find the unique 5 mangalsutra design for contemporary in accordance with your needs and preference.