5 Different Cakes To Commemorate your Loved One’s Birthday


Cakes make one’s mood happier even while seeing them. It has the magical power to attract everyone by its delicious taste and alluring texture. No one hates cakes from children to the old aged ones. Every events and festivals cake has a major role to get participating with it and cherishing the happiest events. Especially birthday parties get initiated with the celebration of cake cutting which is one of the most beautiful moments and means a lot to the guests and the birthday baby. Nothing can replace a cake in celebrations and it is such an affordable one which grasps everyone’s heart within seconds.

Yellow Butter Cake:

It is such a glorious cake because of its texture and melting butter taste. It is not fully yellow by adding food colors and it has that yellow color because of egg yolks which are added in the large amount. Like other cakes, it doesn’t contain only the egg whites but also contains both the white and yolks mixed to bring a batter which fluffy softer when baked.

Red Velvet Cake:

By the name itself, it says that the cake would be softer like velvets. Its gorgeous color makes everyone fall for it. It is in mild chocolate flavor where a little amount of cocoa powder is added and it will impress your loved one. It is one of the best choices for all birthday parties and especially for an anniversary celebration.

Carrot cake:

It is such a unique cake that has different flavors like cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. It is said that it is mostly liked by middle-aged persons in European countries. It can be served cold which makes kids like it to the maximum extent. It needs more attention while mixing batter for this cake, because slight changes may collapse the texture.

Black Forest Cake:

It is one of the best icing cakes which melts in the mouth with its creamy chillness. The whipping cream used for it is too snowy and gives a magical taste and melts once placed in the mouth. The cherry flavor and the chocolate sprinkles attract the kids so much.

Customized Cakes:

Are you bored of giving cakes at usual shapes and designs? Then try something different by giving customized cakes as per the loved one’s wish. There are a lot of designs and shapes that have been introduced like Barbie doll cakes, cakes with printed photo, etc.. which is trending among people now a day.

 Final Words:

Are you looking for the best cake for your girlfriend’s birthday? Then try something new and visit a lot of online websites which are giving exclusive offers and discounts for all types of occasions. Hope so, these written lines will aid you to have the best dessert in accordance with her taste and likes without spending a lot from your wallet.