What Are The Unique Traits Of Synthetic Turf Sunshine Coast

Synthetic Turf Sunshine Coast

Artificial grass is an effective and good alternative to natural turf. It won’t let you spend more on the water, garden equipment, fertilizer, and more. This has a lush look, which is similar to a natural yard. Also, with the proper maintenance, it will last for longer. This is durable, pet and kid-friendly, long-lasting, and cost-effective. Therefore, install the Synthetic Turf Sunshine Coast in your living space and enhance its appearance. In addition, you can install them in various places such as balconies, gardens, and more. Here are some important features of the fake grass you must know.


If you wish to install the artificial turf on the outside, then ensure to check it can tolerate the hot sun. Even if it gets more exposure during the day, the grass must stand up to the hot sun. Also, this leads the grass to fade, which can cause by the sun’s damaging effects. Therefore, it is essential to go with the grace that the UV stabilizes. This one aids in assuring the grass will endure the sun for longer. Even if the turf considers stand up to extreme temperatures, and it can’t stand much temperature, then it will start to weaken quickly. 

Urethane Backing

Apart from ensuring the new yard is tough, the right backing in the fake grass ensures it will last longer and let the water drain. A urethane coat on the backing artificial lawn keeps the product very durable and assures it seems strong. This is particularly crucial if you didn’t purchase the grass made of nylon. As this material adds more strength to the product, this is vital to prefer the backing. 

The Best Features Of Synthetic Turf Sunshine Coast    

Non-Flammable Synthetic Turf Sunshine Coast

Have you planned to grill on the fake grass? If yes, then it is essential to buy non-flammable grass. Also, if you decide to have a fire pit, consider this feature when you purchase the synthetic lawn. As the fire can spread quickly, it can increase the chance of damage. Thus, it is essential to go with non-flammable grass to ensure the safety of your family. This is one of the significant features of the artificial turf that you never forget to consider. 

Heat And Frost Resistant 

Temperature swings can damage your fake grass, so it is crucial to buy high-quality products that can ensure severe weather conditions. It should stand up to the freezing nights as well as the hot summer days. It is not a big thing for the people who reside in high-temperature areas. But for the people who have the chance of exposure to the sun, this additional protection can ensure its longevity.

Final Review 

Apart from the above features, consider the perforation, non-staining, non-absorbent fiber, and other features of the fake grass. At Auzzie turf, we provide you with premium quality Synthetic Turf Sunshine Coast. We offer you UV stabilized and chemical-free artificial grass that will last for longer. Moreover, our products are safe for children and pets, so you can use them without any fear.