5 Places in Pakistan that Attracts International Tourists to Visit


Whenever thinking about Pakistan the main thing that comes to mind is terrorism attack, sectarianism, corruption, and other illegal activities. These are overlooking factors of Pakistan but in nature, they are a good soul. Other than terrorism many beautiful locations will make you fall in love with Pakistan. Each country will have some extraordinary, lovely, and eye-catch places which are attracted by tourists from all over the world. Here are some of the wonderful places for you.

Naltar Valley:

Are you the person who loves nature full of rivers and lakes? Then you should visit the place called Naltar valley and it is famous for its colorful lakes. This is located in Gilgit and this place is covered with pine trees. It is highly known for being the world’s tastiest potatoes. This might be the perfect place for the couple, this nature will make you fall in love with and you can’t able to move your eyes from it.

Shangrila Resort, Skarud:

The next wonderful place which will take you to heaven is Shangrila Resort, Skardu. It is the central valley of Gilgit-Baltistan which is covered with the beauty of nature and wilderness. You can reach this place by crossing the Jaglot, it took seven hours for your journey. By this time you can enjoy many streams, springs and the local people hospitality which makes your heart melt within it.  the highlight of this place is their restaurant which is built in an aircraft structure.

Kershaw Area:

It is the range of area which is stretched from Sindh to Balochistan. These areas create a natural border between two provinces. Then there are three mountain ranges are located here and they are Gorakh Hill, Kutte Ji Qabar, and Bandu Ji Qabar. It is a historic place and it spread over 150 miles and is a unique tourist spot that attracts several tourists.

White Palace Swat:

One of the most historic and naturally beautiful places in the Swat district is a white palace. It is 12 km distance from the city of Mingora. This palace was built in 1941. Even after the seven decades passed away this place has been standing for the beautiful historic place which makes you to breath-taking. You can visit this place in any season, this place doesn’t just look beautiful in summer, and even it makes more beautiful in winter especially after the snowfall.

Ayun And Bamburet Valley:

The Ayun is a village and district of the Chitral. There are no words to express the beauty and appealing of the mountains which are surrounded the village. This is located 12 km from the city of Confluence of the river Bamburet. It is one the Kalash valley out of three and the greenery of the valley makes your romantic feelings. It brings you calm, solitude and you can be stress-free when you see these entire beautiful nature creatures.

At Last:

Plenty of places is there which make you feel over the moon and make you forget this world. If you love to travel to different places then you should visit these places in Pakistan at least once in your lifetime. You can able to feel the different experience when you travel more place.