Why Robotized Hotels Are The Future of Hotel Industry Post COVID


The global pandemic has not only resulted in the loss of millions of lives but also brought doom to many of the business sectors. One worst affected sector was the hospitality sector and within that, hotels and tourism have faced heavy losses. The main reason for the fall of these services was due to high person-to-person interaction. So, to retrieve back the business, entrepreneurs are planning to introduce robots to the industry. By using robots these hotels owners can give the best service and can earn their income even in such a crisis situation. To know more benefits of introducing AI into the hotel sector, do scroll and read till the end. 

Offers Best Service

By using robots in the hotels, it will be easier to know the guest’s check-in and check-out. Also, it will assist to get room service to clients very easily. Nevertheless, robotics will help customers to resolve their doubts with 24*7 service. Facilitating such provisions will make more guests visit the place rather than preferring other hotels following the manual system. This facility is already promoted by the Radisson Blu Edwardian in London.

Will Assist In Hyperdynamic Pricing

Hyperdynamic Pricing allows booking robotics to search automatically on the web and other sources and will display the prices that can help in earning maximized profit. For illustration, if a nearby hotel is getting filled with customers, then AI will adjust the prices and will increase the demand.

Easy Communication

Deploying a chatbot translator will help in knowing the language of the website visitor through their history of the location. By understanding it, chatbots can translate scripts and can answer simultaneous guest inquires. By this interaction with person-to-person interaction can be minimalized and also can satisfy the customer by giving service in their native language.

Rational Usage

With the aid of robotics, hotels can improve their revenue by rationalizing the usage of items. By doing this, the owners not only earn income but also help in reducing the impact on the environment. Already the AI is used in certain hotels for over a decade and they haven’t faced loss out of it. Also, results have shown that there is a drastic reduction of environmental damage caused by such hotels. So, along with filling the pocket, a sustained environment can also be maintained.

Can Give Personalized Experience

Not all customers have the same attitude or behavior! So to understand the customer’s demand and to provide service accordingly, the introduction of AI will be a good choice. It will ensure to give guests customized service from booking to dining and so on.

Closing Lines

The above-mentioned are the reason why robotized hotels are the future in the post COVID era. By introducing AI to the service, the human-to-human interaction is not only reduced but also helps in increasing revenue. Hope the content helps you to understand why robotics is the future of hotel service in the post-pandemic period.